What is ‘A Killing Affair’?

A Killing Affair is a murder mystery game unlike any other. An ever-growing world, with each season taking place in a city comprised of multiple seasons and episodes, seemingly endless clues, puzzles, and deep mysteries await you!

All A.K.A’s seasons are solved over a period of time (5 episodes each).
Each episode includes clues to help you unravel the murderer’s motives, opportunity, and means. You will eliminate at least one suspect with each episode. At the end of each season you will have everything you need to convict the killer.

Some of the items you may find in your episode will be: maps, letters, emails, ciphers, puzzles, websites, secret messages, photos, suspect interviews, phone records, evidence from the crime scene, legal documents, arrest reports, background history and so much more!
No, Please Contact Us and we will rush your next episode to you immediately.

- If you are on a monthly subscription your bill date will be adjusted accordingly
- if you are on a 6 or 12 monthly subscription no changes to your fees will be made
Every episode provides hints, direction and solutions. To help you along the way. In addition to hints found in your box we offer a very interactive website that allows you to dig deeper into each episode.
Currently Lovely City is the only investigative unit that is offered. Just like any Netflix show you would watch you would want to start with season 1, episode 1.

We are working on adding additional investigative units in different cities in the future.
es we offer refunds up to 30 days after purchase. Shipping at your expense.