Season 1

Lovely City's, Independence Day Killer

For years a serial killer has been terrorizing the once quiet city of Lovely, Florida. Leaving families shattered with little hope of catching the person responsible and ending this nightmare.

Help Trish Tate and Kim Kimbell bring this killer to justice. Engross your self in the city’s gossip, and deepest secrets while you get to know the detective team, the victims and suspects. Help law enforcement unravel this nightmare case file by case file, as the local detectives share with you each file in desperation to help put the murderer behind bars.

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Episode 1

The Beginning

A cold blooded killer is running free in this small city of Lovely, Florida. Two young women were murdered and LPD Detectives need your help to find the killer and bring him to justice before he strikes again!

Season 2

Lovely City's, Playing With Fire

With the Independence Day Killer behind bars lead detectives Tate and Kimbel are thrown into their next major case. They are desperate for your help! A serial arsonist is wreaking havoc on Riverside Drive. Setting fires that kill and destroy everything in its path.

Dive deeper into the lifes of Lovely City’s residents. Uncover their darkest secrets as you immerse yourself in the drama and gossip.

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