3 Ways to Play


You will receive monthly episodes on the same day every month along with in between mailings to keep the story going.


You can purchase one episode at a time. This way you can play at your own pace.


Lastly you can purchase a full season. These are typically 5 episodes long and include all in between mailings and are shipped to you at once.

Google Reviews

denise gonnelli
Denise Gonnelli
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Such a great game! Love all the seasons and look forward to seeing the next one.
traveling with brent
Traveling With Brent
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Just got done with season two! Can’t wait for the best season to come out! If you let into murder mystery type games I definitely recommend this game! By far the best I have played so far!
karen sonju
Karen Sonju
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If you enjoy reading through a police investigation file, having physical evidence to examine, and solving puzzles of varying difficulty, give this company a shot! These small business owners and game makers have put a lot of work into these series and it shows. Each series has a unique and intriguing mystery that you explore via police files, journals, newspaper articles and physical evidence.
queen betsy fan
Queen Betsy Fan
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I LOVE A KILLING AFFAIR❣️ HAPPY DEATH DAY (Season 3) left me an emotional wreck! I was that involved in this story. There were LOTS of puzzles…but I don’t like puzzles. Fortunately with their hints and solutions I could bypass them all without missing a beat of this intriguing story. It was so jam-packed with interesting (and cute!) clues along with authentic police documents and news clippings in your box.
karen sonju
Karen Sonju
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The puzzles and hidden clues help to make it even more fun. The online gameplay supports the mystery nicely, and it typically doesn’t contain the final revealing clue but provides more evidence to help you come to your conclusions, which I really enjoy! You never know what to expect when you open your next box other than a rich, detailed mystery experience!

Welcome, Investigators

Join A Killing Affair’s Criminal Investigation team using evidence in each month’s box to solve the murder. Each episode’s box is packed with hours of captivating gameplay, puzzles, ciphers, and hidden messages that will lead you deeper and deeper into the mystery to crack the case and bring the killer to justice.

How it works


Closely review the evidence and files on the case to get yourself up to speed, as the new investigators on the team.


Determine suspects that can be ruled out using the evidence provided in your Episode. Engage with our immersive online experience to eliminate suspects and convict the killer.


Develop theories of possible motives. Do they have reason to want the victims dead? Document your findings. Use the evidence to bring the killer to justice.

Solve The

Once you have completed all episodes in your season you will have all the evidence you need to bring the killer to justice. All your findings will be validated. These wins don’t come easy!