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Join A Killing Affair’s Criminal Investigation team using evidence in each month's box to solve the murder. Each episode's box is packed with hours of captivating gameplay, puzzles, ciphers, and hidden messages that will lead you deeper and deeper into the mystery to crack the case and bring the killer to justice.

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How It Works:

A Killing Affair's games are just like watching your favorite murder mystery TV Show. You will start with season one, episode one. Each new episode and season build off of each other. In each episode, you will eliminate suspects, and by the end of each season, you will have all the information you need to bring the killer to justice. Each episode is packed with interviews, newspaper articles, crime scene drawings, photos, police reports, ciphers, puzzles, tangible evidence, websites, voice recordings, email correspondence, and so much more. Directions, hints, and solutions are all provided for each episode in the box and online. In addition, our gameplay website is easy to use and formatted to ensure you don't receive spoilers. Online material can be easily accessed via phone, tablet, or computer. In addition, communication directly to the game producers is available while playing.

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Closely review the evidence and files on the case to get yourself up to speed, as the new investigators on the team.

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Determine suspects that can be ruled out using the evidence provided in your Episode. Engage with our immersive online experience to eliminate suspects and convict the killer.

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3.Uncover Motive

Develop theories of possible motives. Do they have reason to want the victims dead? Document your findings. Use the evidence to bring the killer to justice.

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4.Solve the Mystery

Once you have completed all episodes in your season you will have all the evidence you need to bring the killer to justice. All your findings will be validated. These wins don’t come easy!

What They're Saying:

  • “This subscription will keep you on edge...it will have you continually pondering each witness statement & evidence, even when you’re not actively working an episode. I am totally satisfied with the first season & can hardly wait to play the next one!”
    -Kim Shown
  • “As sinister as they come! Don’t stick around for the holidays!”
    - Kimberly Sutton
  • “A Killing Affair has something for everyone! Lots of written evidence to work through, a variety of puzzles, websites to visit for more information. Actual physical evidence to examine for hidden clues. This is a great debut game with a storyline that keeps you guessing until the final reveal. looking forward to seeing what other secrets lie in the town of Lovely!”
    - Sue Jenkins
  • “From episode to episode I couldn’t stop thinking about each character. I was so invested in this story that I am sad Its over and can’t wait to play again. Hurry up and issue your next season!”
    - Trisha Walter

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